Commemorating 200 years of Frankenstein, design & art direction

Client – Jersey Post
Work produced at So design
Image creation – Mick Westby

The Brief
To commemorate 200 years of Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein. To work with Jersey Post to produce a set of eight stamps plus associated products and launch video.

The Solution
It was important to properly depict Mary Shelly’s novel and her underlying message and contemporary ideas of the time. Failing to understand the emotional implications of creating life and love, as well as the issues of using techonlogy to play God. The stamps depict key moments within the book but are carefully designed to show the key element of creation and love.

I designed the launch video to do more than just show the stamps but reinforce the underlying message and act as a teaser to the spring launch.

'I knew they would do more than illustrate scenes from the book, they would  bring the creature and his Gothic tale to life. The passion for the project, combined with impressive creative and technical ability have produced artworks worthy of a book that has endured for 200 years. They are a pleasure to work with and we, at Jersey Post, are thrilled with the results of their efforts.'
Melanie Gouzinis – Head of Philatelic Jersey Post