Iford Arts 2017, design & art direction

Client – Iford Opera
Work produced at So design
Photgraphy – Charlie Emersom
Accolade – Drum Cream Awards 2017 (Best use of photography)

The Brief
Iford needed campaign imagery and a new programme to launch and promote the upcoming operas for the new summer season. 

The Solution
Focusing on the distilled nature of the opera adaptations that Iford perform, I wanted to capture the dreamlike, mystical quality to reflect the reimagined performances in their singularity.

As the event is set in the Peto Garden at Iford Manor, the focus of every image is flowers. Each is chosen to symbolise the musical performance they represent. The flowers were plunged into water tanks and then mixed with inks and other props to create mesmerising sets of images. Mirroring the raw nature of live stage performances it was important to capture everything in camera with minimal post production.