The Bath Distillery, branding & packaging design

Client – The Bath Distillery
Work produced at So design

The Brief
The Gin Bar in Bath wanted to rebrand as the Bath Distillery. They needed a brand that would work across two bars and also become the mother brand to the launch of their new gins. They also required a new packaging design to launch their gins commercially for the first time in Waitrose.

The Solution
The old brand used a portrait of Jane Austen and we wanted to keep a link to this in the new brand. We therefore created a new character and brand ambassador, Virginia Austen, Jane’s cousin. This lead to the design of the logo depicting Virginia winking through the gin glasses used in the distillery bar.

The gin uses exotic and unique ingredients that are sourced by the owners from all around the world. The idea was to tell this story and it lead to the design and then commissioning of an illustrator to create a magical world full of the ingredients. Virginia accesses this world through a Georgian archway - keeping the link to Bath prominent for the brand.